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Dr. William A. Olson



University of Minnesota:

B.S., Agriculture, 1954

M.S., Nutrition and Biochemistry, 1960

Ph.D., Nutrition and Physiological Chemistry, 1962


Owner and Manager, Center for Regulatory Services (May 1973 to present). Provides consultation to organizations in meeting the regulatory requirements of government agencies. Plans development of new products, provides representation to regulatory agencies, prepares documents for presentation to agencies, and keeps abreast of the requirements and guidelines of regulatory agencies. Advises clients regarding compliance with Good Laboratory Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice. Projects include animal drugs, food and feed additives, human drugs, and pesticides.


Project Manager, Toxicology Department Hazleton Laboratories, Vienna, Virginia (July 1969 to May 1973). Responsible for the design and conduct of animal studies to determine the safety of new existing materials including agricultural and industrial chemicals, drugs, foods, and food additives. Studies under his direction included acute, subacute, chronic, reproduction, and carcinogenic toxicity evaluations.

Director of Nutritional Research, Animal Health Division, Smith Kline & French Laboratories, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (November 1968 to July1969). Responsibilities included investigating, recommending and implementing major programs in nutritional research and supervision of a staff of eighteen animal nutritional personnel.

Director of Preclinical Investigations and Director of Development, Research Division, Smith Kline & French Laboratories Philadelphia (September 1965 to November 1968). Responsible for animal nutrition research and animal health product development.

Research Nutritionist and Supervisor of Nutritional Research, Research and Development Division, Pfizer, Inc., Terre Haute, Indiana (January 1962 to September 1965). Responsible for nutritional research programs, antibiotic potentiation research, biological information development and writing new drug applications and food additive petitions, operation of experimental statistics groups, and supervision of experimental farm.

Research Fellow, Department of Dairy Science, University of Minnesota (June 1960 to January 1962). Conducted research in the function of the rumen, emphasis on lipid metabolism and volatile fatty acid production.

Research Assistant, Department of Dairy Science, University of Minnesota (January 1957 to June 1960). Conducted research of nutrient utilization of fat by the neonatal calf and evaluated additives for calf milk replacers.

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